Year 3


  • 5 spellings to practice each week – use different methods to practice these
  • Tested on these 5 spellings each Friday.
  • The spelling test will also include 2 other words which follow the same spelling pattern. This is to encourage children to extend their knowledge of this spelling pattern.


  • Practice times tables as much as possible using the TT Rock Stars website.
  • Each week teachers will set a paper based mathematics activity for children to complete which will be linked to things they have learnt that week.


  • Read at least three times a week with your child and sign in their reading record or planner.      
  • Use the questions in your child’s homework book to support them with understanding the text they have read.


  • Children will have a list of activities to complete throughout each half term. If children complete one a week, they will receive Dojo points. 


Year 4

Each week, your child will receive maths, spelling and reading homework.


  • 5 words to practise linked to the spelling rule we are learning about.
  • Please see the homework sheet for additional activities.
  • 7 words will be tested in the Friday spelling test (2 unseen words which follow the spelling rule).


  • Practise times tables plus a sheet of work that relates to the current unit we are studying in maths.


  • Daily reading which should be recorded in the planner and signed by an adult.
  • In addition, the children will be expected to complete a reading task which focuses on comprehension


  • Choose from a selection of topic related homework – these can be completed in any order.
  • A minimum of 3 pieces across the term should be completed.


Year 5

After listening to feedback from parents and pupils we will be changing the format of homework this term.

Children will receive a new folder, in it will be 3 pieces of written homework for them to complete over the week.

  1. Maths sheet relating to the maths objectives covered that week.
  2. Spelling sheet where children will be expected to find words that fit that spelling rule, find meanings of the words and use them correctly in sentences. They may have high frequency spellings to learn as well.
  3. English sheet, relating to either reading comprehension, grammar or handwriting.

In addition to this, pupils are also expected to read and practice their multiplication tables on a daily basis.

Our aim to equip children to be secondary ready. We recognise that initially some children may need some support to carry out these tasks; therefore each year group will be setting up homework clubs afterschool and at lunchtime to facilitate their needs. 

This homework format will run till half term. Pupils will then be given a research based homework relating to the Tudors. For this term, they will not be given weekly sheets, however they will still be expected to read and practice multiplication tables on a daily basis.

Specific information relating to the projects will be sent nearer the time. First homework will be sent out 12th Jan, in the meantime please continue to read and practice your tables.


Year 6

Revision Guides

  • From Friday 12th your child will come home with an English and Maths revision guide.
  • In the back of the maths guide, will be a sheet that tells the children which pages they need to complete each week.
  • There will be maths, reading and SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) pages to do.
  • Teachers will hold a homework club one lunch time a week for your child to go to if they need help with some of the homework.


  • From Friday 12th they will also bring home a spelling booklet. This has all of the spellings in from now until May.
  • There is space for them to practice and space for the weekly test.


  • The expectation is that your child will read for at least fifteen minutes five times a week.
  • We ask that on three of these times they read with an adult. While they are reading, the adult should question them on what they have read. In this pack, there is a list of good questions to ask your child while reading together.

Times Tables

  • We have a new programme for your child to use to practice their times tables. It is called Times Tables Rock Stars and there is all the information you need to get started in a separate booklet in this pack.