School Ethos, Aims and Values





We believe….


¨  that children should be encouraged to do their best through learning opportunities appropriate to their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.


¨  that children and adults should work together to create a caring, safe, stimulating and attractive environment.


¨  in extending active links within the community through open, friendly and professional relationships with all partners.


¨  that education continues as the children enter the school gates and includes breaks, movement and behaviour around the school.


¨  in promoting the highest expectations for achievement through really effective teaching opportunities and challenges.


¨  in nurturing self-esteem and self-discipline within a broadly Christian framework of moral and ethical values in order to develop a sense of respect and responsibility towards others.


¨  in respecting children from differing cultures, backgrounds and educational needs as individual people.


¨  in providing a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum to enable children to become independent learners.


¨  in maintaining close links and regular liaison with other local schools.


¨  in the Governors’ active and developing involvement in the life of the school.

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