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Curriculum Overview Spring 2017
Our Greek Amphora vases
5SU Art Greek patterns
Sulgrave Manor Visit
Our Tudor Portraits
Jabberwocky Poem work by 5ET AND 5SU
Tudor Portraits By 5JC and 5SU
Portraits by 5SU
Out of this World!
Our Harvest Celebration
Bread Making in 5MW
5SU Harvest Dancing
Inspired by Monet and Hockney
Our Sports Day
Our Greek Day
Condover Hall Residential
Non Residential Activities

Report of our School Swimming Gala


On Thursday 23rd April 2016, the following children in Year 5 and 6, took part in a Swimming Gala at the Waendle Leisure Centre.

Daisy W, Maisy G-F, Lily H, Isabel S, Olivia D, Isabel H, Daniel R, Robert B, Lewis E, Noah W, Jacob M-W, Harry F and Ralph S.


Event 1: Boys 25 metres Freestyle. Harry swam and came 1st!!!

Event 2: Girls 25 metres Freestyle. Lily swam and came 3rd!!!

Event 3: Boys 25 metres Breaststroke.

Event 4: Girls 25 metres Breaststroke. Maisy swam and came 1st!!!

Event 5: Boys 25 metres Backstroke. Ralph swam and came 2nd!!!

Event 6: Girls 25 metres Backstroke.

Event 7: Boys 25 metres Butterfly.

Event 8: Girls 25 metres Butterfly. Isabel H swam and came 2nd!!!

Event 9: 4 x 25 metres Mixed Medley Relay. Relay Team came 2nd!!!

Event 10: Freestyle Relay

Event 11: Canon Relay. Relay Team came 2nd!!!

We gained a total 78 points, which gave us 2nd place overall and a place in the semi-finals to be held in Corby in June.

A great time was had by all.

Written by,

Harry F, Jacob M-W and Isabel H.


Tudor Portraits by 5MG
Tudor Portraits by 5JS
Tudor Portraits by 5DJ
Painting Our Tudor Portraits
 5JS Visit Sulgrave Manor


Mandir Visit


 Maths Week work

Year 5 worked with Year 3 to complete lots of activities and create their own maths questions across the school.



Our Space Project Exhibition



Our Space Centre Visit

Author Steve Bowkett Visits our School



                                                   Sulgrave Manor Visit




Our Sports Day

Our Scarborough Residential


Tudor paintings and Sketches

 Class 5DJ

Class  5JS

Class 5MG



Our Greek painted pots by 5JS

Musical Instruments in 5JS





Our Harvest Festival


Space Centre Visit


Scarecrow Festival

Class 5JS made and entered a scarecrow in the Stanwick Scarecrow Festival.  We really enjoyed making 'Dave' and he will be returning to school after the festival is over.


Our Sports Day



Scarborough Residential

Non Scarborough Children's week

Brazil World Cup activities

These are some of the activities the children did on Monday on the theme of the World Cup in Brazil they painted the Mascots and made their own Mardi Gras masks. They also enjoyed looking up animals from Brazil and making fact posters about football.  Painted  multicoloured houses and pasta necklaces.

Other groups were taken off to make and bake biscuits and decorate them later using icing  for the England red cross flag. They have also taken part in games up the field,  walked to Stanwick lakes and had an afternoon at bowling and swimming.There will be more pictures  to follow including the Scarborough Trip.



Clarice Cliff Inspired Paper mache pottery

Our Tudor Display



Tudor paintings and Projects to follow


5JS & 5SU




Beautiful Tudor Houses

Our Amazing Space work!

The children produced some lovely work and models. Their fine work will  be displayed again in the Reception area over March.


Christingle with year 5 and 6 at St Peter's Church




Space Centre


Our Visit to The Mandir

Year 5 have been to the Mandir in Wellingborough to look at a Hindu temple for our Hinduism topic in R.E.

The statues of the Gods were amazing and some even looked real!



Our Harvest Festival



Our Harvest Festival pictures by 5SU


Our South American Art


Beautiful Birds by 5MM


Clay Sculptures and Mod roc Toucan by 5SW



 Clay Sculptures from 5SW


Amazon Jungle Acrylic paintings by 5SU 


Scarborough Residential 2013






 Stanwick Lakes visit


On Monday 13th May 5SU and 5SW went to Stanwick Lakes to build shelters and learn survival skills, as part of their Robin Hood topic.

Shelter building was the main activity. Whilst one class went to play in a different area, the other class listened to some safety tips before they started building. There were two rangers who showed them a basic frame for their 'tent' to help them get started. All the children were put into groups. Quickly, the enthusiastic children got their heads around their design for their shelters.

They all tried their hardest to get the result that they did. (Look below to see the results.)  All of them were unique and good ideas. One of the popular frames had one branch with a V shape on either side,and a long branch across the top, which was then tied to the other branches. They all very much enjoyed the day at Stanwick, including the staff!

By Megan Lawrence and Ella-Rose.

A Beautiful Tudor Dress

In year 5 Children have brought in their projects a young lady has made a particular good effort in making a Tudor style Dress, Well done! 

All projects will be displayed in the school reception over the next few weeks along with this lovely dress.




Our Journey to Jo'burg pictures by 5MM


The Highway man pictures by 5SU


Sulgrave Manor Visit

Despite the inclement weather on Monday 5SU had a very informative and enjoyable day at Master Washington's grand manor house.

We dressed up as Tudors, behaved as Tudor children and saw how rich and poor lived.  We enjoyed writing with a quill and ink, learning a little Latin and playing with Tudor toys.

Everyone agreed the outfits looked great and most of us said we would like to return in warmer weather!



Year 5 winners of World Book Day

Best Costume top left


Further work on Space  and our mission to Centrum 218

In this new year we have been planning a journey to a new world, Centrum 218. Taking part in physical training to see who would be the fittest to go, writing a CV for the job, working out what we would take with us and what we would leave behind, making badges for the mission and taking only the best with us on our journey.

How would this new planet look? Well we did some wonderful maps to show the landscape and wonderful art to see what would be there for us, some of us will make it there, let the adventure begin!

Below are maps of the planet and Our Mission badges also our work related to going on the mission to Centrum 218.

Lunar Cycles by 5SW


Sunflowers By 5SU

We worked with water colours and mixed paints to understand the work of Vincent Van Gogh.


Year 5 Visit to the National Space Centre


On Thursday 29th November 2012, all the children in Year 5 visited the Space Centre in Leicester.

A fun packed day was had by all, some of the activities included:

Climbing the space tower in the glass lift

Reading a weather report

Activities in the Tranquility Area

We watched the 3D show in the cinema dome

Exploring planets through interactive activities


We have also been very busy creating poems about Space.




Celebrating Diwali with 5MM


Year 5 lovely Children's work 

Still Life Art By 5SU

Celebration biscuits

 Class 5SU had fun decorating their baked biscuits which they had made from their design booklet. Each cut into different shapes and with a selection of coloured icing and lots of yummy cake decorations these are some of the Celebration biscuits they created.



Also 5SW worked in the kitchens to weigh and mix the  ingredients for making their biscuits. They had lots of fun getting mucky and then choosing shape cutters for their design of Celebration biscuits.


National Poetry Day 2012