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Curriculum Overview Summer 2017 link


Rutland Water Visit





Creative Writing




Year 4 York Residential first group


York Residential 2017




Circuit Board Genius

A pupil in class 4ML has made a circuit Board with working lights for his science homework project. He told us that his Uncle helped him with its construction.

The three pictures below show how the battery works with 2 lights and the battery working with one light, making it more brightly lit as it receives more power.

Well done for good work!


Our Twycross Zoo Visit


Maths Fun!


European Projects by 4MM and 4EG



Our Christmas Carol Service


Our Harvest Festival



Sporting Fun!

Our Rio Day

Art Brazil visited our school to teach us dance, music and Portuguese. Children designed and created their own Brazillian inspired T- Shirts. Brazillian Chocolate truffles were also made and decorated.


Our York trip


Our Roman Day



Our Maths Week


Our European Projects

Our Roald Dahl Museum Visit





Our School Christmas card created by two children in year 4

a very well done!


Monet Paintings by 4LB


Our Harvest Festival




Our Sports day


Illuminated Letters by 4AJM

 Rutland Water Visit

Year 4 visited Rutland Water to study habitats. We went bird watching, bug hunting and pond dipping. We found loads of interesting creatures such as common newts, sticklebacks and diving beetles. As well we saw a variety of bird life out on the lake.

Class 4AJM


Class 4FW



Class 4LW





Healthy Lunchbox Campaign

Children from 4FW and 4LW have a try of different fruits and vegetables

to help them to eat more healthily

and bring in better foods for their lunchboxes.


York Residential
Roman Projects Exhibition
Our Roman Day
Mad Science Visit



Our News Link please click to see what we have been up to in year 4 blog!

Natural History Museum

We went to The Natural History Museum as a part of our Big Foot Dinosaur week we are also working on skeletons in science. In literacy we also did recounts of our visit the the Museum.


Harvest Festival




Stanwick Lakes Victorian Seaside Day

Trading Places Nene Valley Scheme




Rutland Water visit


Viking Projects



Our Sports Day






Lakes and Meadows Visit



Mental Health Awarness Week Winners

My Feelings Poem

Sadness is....

When my friend went to London and never came back.

But the bad thing is that my family is not together anymore

because one person is missing, she is not there anymore.

Happiness is..

When my best friend was there for me all the time and never let me down,

dreaming of hot warm showers and thinking of my dog.

The best thing about happiness is that I get to see my Guinea pig Fudge he's the best Guinea pig in the Guinea pig world and the whole of my family.

By Brooke Year 4


My Happiness and Sadness poem

Sadness is like a battle field full of dead bodies, of fallen soldiers

Sadness is like death and pain and hurt you have all put together, it makes one big shadow

Sadness is like your meanest moment it is very painful like a bully who makes you upset all the time.

Sadness is as black as ink

Happiness is as bright as pink

Sadness is as black as dark as shadow it upsets you to it is like a dark side taking over.

Sadness is like eating Brussel sprouts for a year, it is as bad as mouldy Oranges from Sainsburys there's always one in the packet.

By Sam Year 4 


Whipsnade Zoo Visit



Year 4 have been learning how to Code on the netbooks.  We have worked very hard to design and develop our own games. Here are a few for you to try!


Asteroid Avoider by Will

Catch the Rugby ball by Matthew

Feed the carnivorous dinosaur by Naomi 

Seaside fun by Lucy

In the dog house by Angel

Catch the bubble by Hollie

Octopus Chase by Luke

Save the Princess by Erica

A walk in the woods by Charlotte H

Football by Lewis E

Eat the grapes by Kelsey

Asteroid Attack by Charlie

Road Race by Lewis K

Watch out for the black rock by Lauren

Dinosaur Chase by Ellesha

Save the Princess in 60 seconds by Daisy and Katie


Our India Exhibition


India Day

All year 4 had a fabulous time taking part in the activities on India day from hand painting, Recycling milk bottles to make elephants.



Chappatis were also made and cooked for children to see how bread is made in India.










Here are some finished but have a look below for how they got on making them!


Patterned hands, painted with face paints to give the style of Henna painted hands




Manisha Solank came in again to our school to teach each class a range of dances, some  bollywood, classical and modern styles to perform to their parents and siblings at the end of the day.


The Indian Prayer and Dances











Our final performance








The Recycle Bus

David Healtcote from NCC came to visit us and we learnt about  here and in India.

The Bus had lots of Activities to help you understand Rag pickers and waste here and in India.

How items are made from recycled stuff. Computers with games to work out how to recycle items made of paper, glass, tin and plastic as well as garden waste. A touchy feely box filled with items to recycle or throw away and other interactive games.



Our Visit to Peterborough Cathedral and Mosque

In the Cathedral the children enjoyed looking at the beautiful painted ceilings. They were interested to find out how old the building was and were shocked to hear there were bodies buried under the floor! The Cathedral had many stories linked to it and contained some intriguing objects like clocks with no faces and old king's arms, these fascinated the Year 4 children.

The Faizan E Madina Mosque impressed the children with brightly coloured printed carpet.

They were interested to hear that men and women had to wash themselves before they were allowed to pray and then had separate areas to pray in.

The children were amazed to hear how many times a day Muslim people pray and the huge numbers of people that arrive to worship every day.



Diwali and rangoli designs

The beautiful pictures are created in celebration. 

At the beginning of Tihar many Hindus make rangoli patterns on their doorstep, or in front of the house. These are made with rice powder, flour and water. Rangoli patterns are usually in shapes of flowers and leaves. These patterns and lights are to welcome the goddess Lakshmi into the home.

Pictures below by 4LW


Christmas Carols


Congratulations to Year 4 and 3 Hotshots for coming 1st at The Basketball Tournament on Saturday 8th December !


Our Roman Projects and Exhibition

Wonderful work produced by the children of year 4.

For us Rome was built in a day, with Temples and Colosseums, mosaics, coins, shields and broken pottery.

The work was outstanding and we look forward to seeing it displayed again in January, well done!



Good work by a pupil in 4LW


Mosaic with Hamma beads by a pupil in 4SB




Harvest Festival at St Peter's Church



Harvest Festival Pictures 

How Weetabix is Harvested by 4SB

Fishes in the Sea By 4FW


Our South American Art Week


Growing things


A special Assembly

Friday the 3rd of May a important assembly took place in the school hall. Mrs Drake, The mayor, lots of goveners and a member of parlament. A banner was shown it showed that Irthlingborough was a good school because the ofsted said so and so did the member of parlament.





Recently in literacy we have been reading Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch. It’s a story about a boy who goes to Tobago to visit his granny and granddad.





 On Monday we handed in our projects, we read them all out to the class. They were fantastic! There were pictures and Indian flags.


Mia and Maya



Friday 19th April 2013


India project


On Monday, Year 4 had to hand in their India projects which was a task set for them by their class teacher. There was a lot of variation between the different pieces of work including information and pictures about the famous buildings of India (Taj Mahal). Quite a few people chose to include famous Indian food in their project too.  I enjoyed looking at the projects that had facts about famous buildings of India and endangered animals of India.


India Day


On India day we made Chapatis, elaphants made out milk bottles, mendis and we did some bollywood dancing we were aloud to wear some bollywood dancing clothes.




Visiting  Peterborough Mosque and Cathedral

We went to the mosque and cathedral in Peterborough and it was really fun to see lost of different things.



Our Rangoli Patterns





Our Fire and Safety Visitor