2021 Home Learning - Week 1

Please see below lessons and resources for w/c 05/01/2021.

Please can any queries about the work be directed to your class teacher using the class emails below.

    Year 3 Resources

    Class emails:  (please can both 3LH and 3MW use this email address this week)

     Year 3 Home Learning Overview - Week 1.pdfDownload
     Year-3-Spring-Block-1-FB4 (1).pptxDownload
     Book review writing frame.pdfDownload
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     Maths for Week 1 6th Jan.docxDownload
     Maths for Week 1 6th Jan.pdfDownload
     Arithmetic Wk 1 6th Jan Home Learning.pptxDownload
     Arithmetic Wk 1 6th Jan Home Learning.pdfDownload
     Yr 4 Wk1 Multiplication 1.pptxDownload
     Yr 4 Wk1 Multiplication 1.pdfDownload
     Reading lesson 1.mp4Download
     Reading lesson 2.mp4Download
     Reading lesson 3.mp4Download
     1. Adventures of Isabel p1.pdfDownload
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     Year 5 Home Learning Overview - Week 1.pdfDownload
     Area of Compound Shapes Worksheet.pdfDownload
     Area of Compound Shapes Answers.pdfDownload
     Areas of Retangle Worksheets.pdfDownload
     Areas of Rectangle Answers.pdfDownload
     Count Squares Worksheet.pdfDownload
     Counting Squares Answers.pdfDownload
     Fluent in 5 - Week 1.pptxDownload
     DT activity.pptxDownload
     Reading - Major Fourpaws.docxDownload
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     Year 6 Home Learning Overview - Week 1.pdfDownload
     Wednesday answers.pdfDownload
     Thursday answers.pdfDownload
     Friday .pdfDownload
     Friday answers.pdfDownload
     Arithmetic Week 3 questions.pptxDownload
     Arithmetic Week 3 answers.pptxDownload
     First Aid Comprehension.pdfDownload
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